Episode #103: Co-dependency, relationships and separation with Mark Groves
The Divorce Podcast
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The Divorce Podcast
Episode #103: Co-dependency, relationships and separation with Mark Groves
Feb 21, 2024 Season 2 Episode 3
Mark Groves

In this episode, Kate was joined by Mark Groves, a Human Connection Specialist and founder of 'Create the Love', to discuss co-dependency in relationships, separation and divorce. 

About the guest
Mark's separation from his ex-partner sparked his journey to turn his experiences into an impactful message. Mark founded Create The Love, a platform that guides people to design the life and love they long for, following on from his rock bottom when his relationship ended. He hosts The Mark Groves Podcast and has a significant following on social media where he shares his insight into relationships.

Today, Mark is a human connection specialist, speaker, writer, motivator, creator, connector and collaborator. As a bridge between the academic and the human, Mark invites people to explore the good, bad, downright ugly, and beautiful sides of connection.  Mark is a friend of the podcast and this is his second appearance; you can check out Mark's previous episode here.

Kate and Mark begin the episode by exploring how co-dependency can manifest in romantic and other personal relationships. They look at the link between codependency and addiction, as well as whether a codependent relationship can ever be healthy. 

During the episode, they talk about ending a codependent relationship and how fear is a driver for couples staying together in unhealthy and unhappy relationships. 
Finally, Mark and Kate end the episode by discussing the role of boundaries in healing co-dependency and co-parenting.